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Checking out your Cart and/or how to use Coupons
Checking out your Cart and/or how to use Coupons

Describes check out process and the process to use coupons in Fonteva, including STAR Coupons and credit cards

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NOTE: Interface in images is subject to change and may not reflect how the site currently looks

Once you add what you need to your cart, you may press the shopping cart icon in the upper right hand corner of the store. You will then be greeted with two options, either View Cart or Checkout.

From your cart, you can reivew your items or multiply the quantity. You may also edit or remove the registration if there is information missing or inaccurate, or if you change your mind. Once you are ready to checkout, you can select checkout in the right hand corner of the screen.

At the next screen you will be given a few options:

  • Credit Card

    • You may use any existing card in your account, or you may enter a new credit card in the system for one time use.

    • You may save it for future use if you select the checkbox underneath it.

    • You can add an address or use any address on file if the primary is not the billing address

  • Invoice Me

    • This section is only for PO orders

    • Please enter WILL FOLLOW in this field and it will be closed once we receive the PO

  • Discount Code

    • If you have a coupon code for the event, this would be where it is input

    • STAR Coupons will automatically be asked to be applied when checking out

After payment is processed, you will be given an invoice for the event that can be viewed by selecting View Invoice or by visiting Invoices in the profile section.

For more assistance, please visit the help center articles below or reach out to the help bot in the lower right corner of the screen!

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