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How to access any online courses through Online Courses in Fonteva

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If you are not signed in or are trying to access your courses after a long period of inactivity, please visit this article to reset your password and log in!

After registering for an online course, you will be brought to the home page of the FEA store. From there, clicking the link indicated by the red arrow saying "My Online Courses" will bring you to our all new Online Learning Dashboard.

From here, there are 4 sections that you can visit:

  • My Activity

    • You can begin your courses from either the Purchased Content Section or the Content Section

      • As a note, if you do not receive a certificate and feel as if you should have, please verify that the content shows 100%. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the IT department by contacting the chatbot in the lower right hand corner of the screen or by emailing

  • Courses

    • Provides courses available for purchase. Courses denoted with a green $ symbol are courses already purchased, while red $ symbols are courses that can still be purchased.

    • "View all" will bring you to the Path course catalog, which provides all courses available to take online through NJPSA/FEA

  • On-Demand Events

    • Similar to Courses but are live recording of past events. Typically they are not guided instruction, and rather just a video to follow along with the date of it's original recording.

  • Videos Go

    • Videos watchable at any point and can be played natively in Path System for free

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