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Saving a Credit Card/Payment Method
Saving a Credit Card/Payment Method

Information to save a credit card in an account or as a preferred payment method

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NOTE: Interface in images is subject to change and may not reflect how the site currently looks

This is only for saving a credit card as a payment method in Fonteva or saving a preferred credit card in a profile. For Purchase Order information, please reach out to

From the main page, once signed in, you will see an option along the top with a person silhouette. Selecting this option will bring you to your user profile page.

From there, you will see a page detailing information about you in your profile. Please visit this page for information on changing your preferred address or to add a new address to your profile.

On the left hand panel, there will be an option detailing the payment methods saved to the account, accessible by pressing the link indicated by the red arrow below. You will find a button along the top of your payment methods to add a new payment method option, indicated by the blue arrow. This will be where the primary payment account will be updated for all purchases or if you want to add a secondary form of payment. All credit cards are handled securely through stripe for all purchases.

You will be prompted to enter the information associated with your preferred credit card of choice. You may use a saved address or add a new billing address for the credit card. Please visit this article for more assistance adding an address.

Once saved and authorized, you will be able to use the card for any purchase in our store. Note: If card is entered incorrectly, it will display red. Once saved, it will appear in your profile as shown below.

For more assistance, please visit the help center articles below or reach out to the help bot in the lower right corner of the screen!

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