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(NEW!) Paying directly with a Bank Account (Stripe)
(NEW!) Paying directly with a Bank Account (Stripe)
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Beginning with a new update to our payment system, we have now added the option to check out with a Bank Account directly in conjunction with Stripe. This allows us to securly connect to your bank account using the secure 3rd party APIs and Webhooks provided by Stripe. Once signed in, you will be able to directly process registrations, invoices, and membership dues using a bank account.

When payment is ready, you will now see the option in the Online Payment Section where the Credit Card option was previously, as shown below

Once there, please select "US Bank Account" to bring up the Stripe input prompt to link with a US Bank Account.

Once everything is entered (e.g. email, Full name, and the name of your Bank) you will be brought to the corresponding log in page for your Bank. If your bank is listed in one of the boxes below the input fields, you may select it as a quick enter option instead of searching for your bank.

Once opened, you will then be prompted to log into your account so that Stripe may connect the two. Please be aware, this is a secure process and your banking information is not saved in the system, but rather, a token is generated to your profile allowing you to use your Bank information for direct payment.

Once complete, you will be given a prompt similar to the one below for Chase Bank.

Once Agreed, you will be given a disclosure to how the process works as well. Each bank may have a different disclosure in this section, as it varies from bank to bank. Once agreed, you will be given the option to select which bank account you wish to use.

Once selected, you will be brought back to the main page, where you can finish the transaction and check out.

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