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Changing Address in Fonteva Profile
Changing Address in Fonteva Profile

How to change and set a primary address in Fonteva with NJSPA

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To set or change your primary address in Fonteva with NJPSA/FEA, you would first begin by visiting your Profile once signed in.

From there, you will find your name and current address used when registering. The address indicated by the filled radio button indicated the primary address. You can change the profile image by pressing the pencil icon above your name in the profile as indicated with the yellow arrow below.

By selecting + New address button indicated by the red arrow, a new window will pop up asking for information for a new address. Below is a breakdown of the different fields and what they need for the profile.

  • Name: This would be the full name of the address, either the individual or school if it is a work address as an example

  • Type: This would indicate which kind of address it is, home or work. The address can also be indicated as neither

  • Address: This will autofill with the proper address when typed in.

    • If it does not work properly or if you wish not to use it, please select "Enter Address Manually"

  • Additional details can be added for your own personal categorization if necessary.

Once saved, it will be added to your profile and can be set as a primary address if selected.

For more assistance, please visit the help center articles below or reach out to the help bot in the lower right corner of the screen!

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