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Registering for an in person or hybrid event
Registering for an in person or hybrid event
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NOTE: Interface in images is subject to change and may not reflect how the site currently looks

Once signed in, you will see along the top a section detailed as "Events & Prof Learning" as indicated by the red arrow below. It will drop down 3 more options if hovered over, those options being:

  • "Events Calendar" as shown by the yellow arrow

  • "FEA Online Courses" as shown by the green arrow. Please select here for more information to register for an online course

  • "LEGAL ONE Content Library" as shown by the blue arrow. Please select here for more information to register for an online course

Once you reach the Events & Prof Learning Page, you will be greeted with the most recent events. Please make use of the features highlighted by the arrows below to guide you to the course you are looking for.

  • Red Arrow: Our new search function will now allow you to find the courses you are looking for quicker than before. Please enter a keyword to assist you in your search and press enter to receive a list of events that match that name. Please see below for an example.

  • Yellow Arrow: You can now narrow down your search by sort order. Please toggle whether you want to sort by newest or oldest Start Date or by different Subject Matter by clicking the corresponding button under Sort By section

  • Blue Arrow: Your cart, as indicated by the blue arrow, shows the courses you have in your cart and provides a shortcut to go to your cart and checkout. For more information on checking out with your cart, please click here

Once you find the Professional Development you are looking for, you will be brought to the event page, which includes a multitude of information about the event.

  • Red Arrow: This option will show you the speakers of the Professional Development you are looking at. Please refer to the image below for an example.

  • Blue Arrow: This option will show you the venue that the Professional Development will be held. The location will be shown on a Google Maps image. If you click the pin, it will open the location in google maps for convenient directions.

  • Yellow Arrow: The register button here can be clicked. If you do, it will immediately add one purchase request for the course in your cart. This option is helpful if you are registering for multiple courses. When you are done and read to check out, you will be brought to a page similar to the one in the green button shown below.

  • Green Button: The register now button will not only add the course to your cart, but begin you on filling out the proper information to register for the event. Please ensure you enter a quantity greater than 0 for the event or else the button will not activate. Once you do, you will be brought to a page asking for further information from you and asking you to check off the cancellation policy.

    • The red arrows above indicate where to enter the first and last name of the registrant. To register someone else instead, please refer to this article.

    • The yellow arrow indicates the checkmark for the cancellation Policy, which is required for registration

    • Once both are completed, you can select Continue which is indicated by the green arrow. This will bring you to the checkout page for the course.

Afterwards, it will collect payment and then provide you with information on attending via the invoice. Please visit this article for more information on how to check out for the event!

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