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What is STAR Advantage?

Describes what the star advantage ticket and badge are

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NJPSA's STAR Advantage is one of the great benefits to NJPSA membership which entitles all Premier Active, Aspiring Leader, Organizational, and Private School members to one complimentary professional learning workshop every year. NJPSA members can view the status of their benefit by logging into their account and clicking on the Badges navigation item. Your STAR Advantage benefit is available if the badge appears in your list of badges.

To use your benefit when registering for an event or purchasing an online course, please follow the instructions outlined here.

To register for an FEA or LEGAL ONE workshop, hover your mouse over the Events & Prof Learning navigation link and then click Events Calendar. All STAR Advantage eligible events will have a star icon in the beginning of the title. You will be given an option to select a STAR Advantage ticket once an event is selected, as seen below. Please use the guide here for more instructions on how to checkout with STAR Advantage!

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