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Navigating the New Leadership Connection
Navigating the New Leadership Connection

How to Find and Join Committees in the new Leadership Connection Site

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NOTE: Interface in images is subject to change and may not reflect how the site currently looks

Please ensure you are signed into our new site. If you cannot sign in, please follow the instructions here to reset your password.

Leadership Connection is a Members-Only benefit of NJPSA. Please visit this link or reach out directly to our membership team at to join today!

Once signed in, please visit the tab under the Members Only Tab that states Leadership connection as indicated by the red arrow in the image below.


Once there, you will be shown all groups you are currently in. NOTE: This section may be empty the first time you visit this site. To visit all active communities, please select the groups button and then select Active Groups as indicated by the red arrows below


You can force Leadership Connection to default to either view by pressing the pin indicated by the red arrow below while on the view you intend to be your default.

  • Once done, you will now see the selected view pinned as shown by the yellow arrow below.

  • You will also see an alert that this action occurred, as indicated by the blue arrow.

Once there, you can join a committee by opening the communities and selecting "Ask to Join" as indicated by the red arrow below

Once the group is joined, you will be able to see the group and any postings, similar to what is shown below.


Once in a group, there are a few ways to manage the group you are a part of.

  • Manage Notifications:

    • You can update the frequency of the notifications you receive from a group by selecting Manage Notifications as indicated by the red arrow below or next to the mail icon as indicated by the yellow arrow.

  • You will be provided options for the different frequencies of emails

    • Every Post: This option will email you every time there is a new post added to the group.

    • Daily Digest: This option will email you a daily recap off all posts at the same time every day if there were any posts.

    • Weekly Digest: This option will email you on a weekly basis with an update of all posts made in the group

    • Limited: This option will prevent any email notifications from the group. Use this option if you want to opt-out of emails from the specific group


You can select Share an update as shown below with the red arrow to begin writing a post. If you wish to post something that includes an attachment, you can select Upload Files as shown with the yellow arrow.

At this point, you may enter anything you wish to share to the group. Once ready, you can select Share to post in the group as shown with the red arrow. You may also add an attachment here by selecting the clip button shown by the yellow arrow below.

If you encounter any difficulty, please reach out to for further assistance!

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