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The New NJPSA Portal
Creating an NJPSA Account
Creating an NJPSA Account

Provides step by step information to create an account with the new Fonteva site

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NOTE: Interface in images is subject to change and may not reflect how the site currently looks

  • Begin by visiting and selecting Login in the top right corner

  • You will be greeted with a sign in page similar to below. Select the link stating "Create an Account/Account Lookup/Forgot Password" as indicated by the yellow arrow

  • At this point, you will be brought to the account search page as shown below. Please follow the instructions here to find an associated account in our system. If one is not found, please click Create Account as indicated by the red arrow.

  • You will be brought to a form requesting your information to create an account in our system. All fields indicated with an asterisk must be completed.


  • As indicated with the red asterisk, please fill out the information as shown above. If there is no school position or job title yet, you are welcome to select Unavailable.

  • Race/Ethnicity is optional, as Prefer Not to Say is an option

  • Gender is optional, you may select other instead

  • At this selection, you may enter which School Types you reside over

    • You may select as many types as you wish, or select N/A if none apply

  • To add the school type, select the Available type, and then select the arrow indicated by the red arrow

  • To remove the school type, select the Chosen type, in the example above it would be "High School" and then select the arrow indicated by the yellow arrow


  • You must select a County and District to create an account

    • There are special circumstances that may cause you to not have a specific County and/or District. Please vist the articles below for assistance with creating an account with a Private School, Charter School, when retired, or when you are a college student!

    • If you do not see your school or organization in our system, please email us at or message us using the chatbot on the lower right hand corner to let us know!

  • You must type in your County first and then select the corresponding County, as it will filter the available Districts. To select your district, type the district name and select the corresponding value. This will filter the available schools to select from if you are associated with one. If not, you can move onto the next step without associating with a school. Please refer to the Gifs below for a guide of this process!

  • If you work for a School, please select the button indicated by the yellow arrow saying "Do you work for a School?"

  • The information from either the District or School will fill in the grayed out information for School Address.


  • In the next section, you will need to fill in your Home Address

    • Please select your preferred address type, School or Home

  • Once done, press "Create Account" at the bottom and you will see a message similar to the ones below


At that point, you will receive an email similar to the one below

  • You will be provided a link to set the password in your account.

  • Once set, you will be brought to the NJPSA/FEA landing page as indicated below.

For more assistance, please visit the help center articles below or reach out to the help bot in the lower right corner of the screen!

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