Device Requirements
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Device and Web Browsers

The Canvas online learning management system requires minimal device specifications and browser versions for online course access and functionality.

Your computer or device’s specifications, web browser you use for your Canvas online course requires minimal device specifications and settings, along with web browsers, for successful online course access and functionality.

Here are Canvas guides that you may find useful:

Device Display Settings

To view online courses, you may need to adjust settings on your computer or other device.

Canvas is best viewed at a minimum of 1024 x 600 on computers. You can adjust the display resolution in your device settings or control panel.

Web Browser Page Zoom

There is a zoom setting for web browsers to increase or decrease the percentage of the web page as it appears on your screen in order for all portions of the course pages to appear.

Here is a link on how to adjust the page zoom in different browsers:

Applications and Tools You May Need

Additional applications and tools depending upon the curriculum and resources included in Canvas courses, most of which can be downloaded online for free.

Below are tools and apps needed for some courses.

  • Adobe Reader

  • Microsoft Office

  • Google Apps

  • Media Players

  • Zoom

  • Google Meet

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