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What do I do If I'm not affiliated with a school?
What do I do If I'm not affiliated with a school?
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When creating an account on the website you are required to enter your school, district, and position. Often we have college students and substitute teachers that are required to take online courses with us to fill a graduation obligation or to substitute in a particular district. These individuals are not required to enter school, district, or position information because it is not applicable.

How-to create an account if you are not affiliated with a school:

  • Select "College / Organization" for the county field

  • Select "NOT APPLICABLE" for the district field

  • Select "9999 Unavailable" for the School Position field

  • The remaining fields are for your personal information.

  • Select "home address" when entering your address for billing purposes.

  • The last step is creating a password.

  • Shortly after you click submit you will receive a confirmation email

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