1. Go to NJPSA

2. Click "Login" at the top right corner of the page

3. Click "Create an Account" (right side of the page)


4. Fill in all required fields. Required fields are marked with a *

5. For the "School/District" field, type in your school/district and a list of suggestions will drop down.

*** If you are not associated with a school district, i.e., a college student, type in NA for the district field.***

*** In the event that your district or school is not available when creating an account please do NOT select any district or school that you are NOT affiliated with. Please open a ticket with our tech support team or give us a call (609-860-1200) so that we can add your school or district.***


6. After filling in all required fields, create a password.

Password Requirements:

  • At least 7 characters long

  • 1 capital letter

  • 1 number

  • 1 special character (!%*#)


7. After creating a password click "Save". If successful you will be brought to your account homepage.

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