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L2L Online Mentor Application Requirements
L2L Online Mentor Application Requirements
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In many cases when users complete the NJL2L online mentor application error messages can occur because of the requirements for the application fields and resume upload.

Below are requirements for completing NJ L2L online applications and common issues that users may experience.

  • Complete Entire Application
    Be sure to enter information in all required fields.

  • Information Entry
    The system will reject information that is entered in fields that do meet the requirements for the application. Some fields require just numbers and others require just letters. Additionally, unnecessary punctuation can cause issues.

  • Characters: Letters, Numbers, Special Characters, etc.
    If a field asks for a year, just enter numbers (i.e. 2016). For example, don't enter a month in letters.

  • Be Concise
    Avoid entering excess information.

  • Uploading a Resume
    Attachments such as a resume must be uploaded in a Microsoft Word or pdf file format

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